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Therapeutic Horseback Riding For Special Needs Children


Welcome to Saddles of Joy
Therapeutic Riding Center!

Mission Statement

Saddles of Joy, Inc. is a therapeutic riding program
dedicated to introduce children, or any person with the
desire to the joy and value of one of God's most Beautiful creatures, "The Horse".

It is our desire to educate the community and or any
interested party to the Therapeutic value of horse
and rider. Be it child or adult, we continue on with
understanding and physical ability of our riders.

We here at Saddles of Joy, Inc. acknowledge the
level of success is simply putting the two together,
horse and rider, with positive results.

We allow the gentle nature of our four legged
therapists to produce any and all healing physical,
mental, emotional or spiritual. That is what
therapeutic riding at this level is all about. It is our
hope and desire here at Saddles of Joy, Inc. that we
provide this service, we are improving the quality of
life for both horse and rider, as well as produce a
bond of healing. We are a non-profit organization
and offer this service to the community as such.

With our sincere dedication.
Barbara Tomlinson President Director
Fed Tax ID#86-0984727



2749 W. County 14th St.
Yuma, AZ 85365
Phone: (928)344-3562

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